Chegg Outcomes Products

Employer and Student Experience

Project Overview

In a 7 month span, I contracted with Chegg working on two of jointly developed brand attributes, students and corporate recruiters. It is not the goal to have extensive discussions or to develop a perfect solution, but to make quick decisions, to get commitment and to be able to act strategically despite limited time and budget.

I worked on two products, and CareerMatch, with the goal of helping Chegg define the various components into a seamless experience for their customers.
2017 - 2018
Principal Product Designer
Methods & tools
Interviews, Wireframes,
User Flows - Sketch, InVision
Web Browser
Hi-Fidelity Prototypes,
UX Architecture

Design Process

For this project process I implemented Design Thinking methodology throughout the lifecycle duration.

Product One:

In order to support the CheggTalent employer alpha program, we need an infusion of candidates looking for jobs, rather than internships, (IDC). Currently IDC's user experience is almost exclusively focused on internships, thus most users on the platform are looking for internships, not jobs. In order for the landing and first time user experience for these users to be contextual and streamlined, we need to update parts of the IDC user experience to be about jobs as well as internships. 
user research


Business developers ran a series of CRM campaigns with a certain demographic of Chegg users to drive them to IDC to look for full time jobs and be searchable by employers looking for recent grads or students about to graduate from college. From this data I created student personas to focus in on the targeted set of those seeking jobs as well as internships. I also established recruiter personas for the CareerMatch product, though students use that tool as well.


Sketching Ideas

On this landing page, the goal was to showcase what a student will get out of an account with with the ultimate goal that they sign up right there on the page. The need to provide a button for them to sign in with their existing Chegg account was also a requirement. When the student clicks on that, it should bring up the normal SuperAuth modal like with other login/sign up pages. Sketching during discussions with stakeholders allows me to explore and capture ideas.

Concept Design

Using the sketches, I further developed the concept into mid-fidelity wireframes, defining and refining the layout and elements.
Though early at this stage, I validated the concepts with stakeholders through design reviews walking through scenarios indicative of the product usage.
prototype & testing

Design Concepts

After getting feedback from the product manager on the wireframes, I developed several high fidelity design variations of the layouts for final approval and to hand over to developers.

Product Two: CareerMatch

The second product in the Outcomes group was tool for recruiters searching for new graduates. This came out of a two year R&D data science effort. The technology had been developed and a prototype built as a proof of concept, but the team was not able to figure out how to actually productize the technology and what the subsequent experience would be.
market research

Competitive Analysis

I conducted a competitive analysis of other dashboards of popular platforms to further my research on what a useful dashboard is comprised of. Chegg's internal recruiter was acutely valuable particular as they used a range of platforms and therefore provide intimate insight into usability strengths and weakness of each.

definition & ideation

Architecting the Experience

With an understanding of the requirements, meetings with executives, engineering and business development, I established the main user flow of the employer using the tool, defining the key functionality and interactions.

definition & ideation

Stakeholder Participation

Chegg's own internal recruiters were key in representing the Voice of Customer and based on this, we collectively decided what to keep, what to kick and how content can be integrated into a more intuitive user flow. The advantage was a direct buy-in of the approximate structure and experience.

prototype & testing

Product Guided Tour

First time user experience was critical to platform adoption. With that requirement in mind, I established an on-boarding UX for new users that allowed them to to quickly get situated with using the tool effectively.


The results of two years R&D from the data science team lead to the conception of the Chegg Career platform which would offer derivative products. Creating the entry point of landing page helped onboard students to a new employment resource, and architecting the UX for the recruitment platform provided direction for realizing the product in the context of use.