GoVi Marketing Platform

Enterprise Web and Mobile

Project Overview

Govi is the evolution of Erndo. The company rebranded and expanded its strategy to encompass large enterprise corporations as well as maintain its original small business audience.

With a platform in place and validated by usage from small businesses and their customers, it was the perfect starting point the for me to design a new platform with new features and tools, as well as a new look that would appeal to the enterprise audience, while remaining familiar to the established small business customers.
2019 - 2020
Principal, Product Design
Methods & tools
Information Architecture, User Flows - Sketch, Figma, InVision
Web Browser, Mobile
Hi-Fidelity Designs, Prototypes

Understanding the Problem

For enterprise to reach their audience required a much more scalable solution to handle content that would be coming from potentially millions of users.

Custom Design Process

Applying a custom design process allowed me to focus on the aspects of the platform requiring the most attention.

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definition & ideation

User Flow

It was critical to identify the main feature for this platform, which in this instance centered on campaign creation and management. Establishing the interactions associated with this function helped define the initial set of UI designs.

Definition & ideation

User Flows

At a more deeper level of functionality is the reward system that enables the business owner to compensate customers for the advocacy they do through for businesses. With a diverse range of reward types and for customers at various status levels, the complexity inherent in this feature made it paramount to identify the most efficient use.

prototype & testing

Task Flows

The consumer messaging system enables two-way communication between businesses and consumers. This is an important tool for data collection as well as consumer engagement.
● Messaging system which enables customers to communicate with businesses in the network
● Customers can send messages to businesses directly by visiting their business profile
● Customers can receive messages from businesses
● Customers have the option of sending messages anonymously

ideation & Definition

User Flow

For the user to receive rewards requires them to opt-into campaign opportunities created by the business. This entailed giving them the means to access opportunities from different points in the app and learn about them.

prototype & testing

Task Flow

To receive certain reward type, customers complete tasks. For each task, there must be a verification method associated from the list above (each has its own associated form, e.g. a survey) along with manual instructions that inform the consumer user what they need to do (e.g. what to submit through the associated verification form) in order to complete the task.


Campaign Creation

The Campaign Creation tool is the primary means through which businesses engage with their customers using GoVi, which enables business users to create opportunities for Business Objects which consumers access via the consumer Opportunity Feed.

Campaign creation involves five essential steps:
(1) creating the Opportunity;
(2) creating the tasks associated with the opportunity
(3) establishing task verification mechanism  
(4) determining the availability opportunity,
(5) Adding a title, and description,


Business owners can create surveys and other forms of data gathering forms to engage with customers and elicit feedback to improve the services. Opportunities in the platform can also have such surveys as tasks for customers to complete as a requirement of receiving rewards.


Designed into the platform is an interface for business owners to communicate directly with their customers.

ideation & definition

Multi-User Flow

Bringing together businesses with their customer base is the core functionality represented in the platform, and this interaction has to be seamless. Identifying at what points does the interactions happen on both the business side and the customer was the importance of establishing mutli-user flows.


Customer Flow

Ensuring the customer can access business listings, opportunities, complete surveys and communicate with owners was the main concern surrounding the customer UX.


UI Components

Having established both the desktop and mobile designs for the platform, I applied my skills in front-end development to implement UI components, guiding and working alongside developers throughout the development phase.

Product Marketing

Working within a startup means that teams are typically small and being cross-functional is key. In addition to development, I provided support to the marketing effort for promoting the new platform.


This project proved to be another validation point of efficient design that made use of activities based on where a product is in its lifecycle. In this case, the predecessor platform had the core features to serve as a baseline and assess what additional functionality would be required for and how to add new features specific to their business needs and goals.

As next steps, a few existing small business and enterprise customers who have signed on as earlier adopters will participate in a closed beta pilot program to test and validate the platform.